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5 Reasons Your Excel Sheet Isn’t Effective (Sign up for FREE CRM)

So, your business and customer base are expanding! With that, you’ve started to research how you can improve and optimize your customer relationships, and…


Top 5 Malaysia CRMs (listed as MDEC’s Digital Solution Provider)

Let’s debunk a myth upfront: CRMs are no longer solutions to be considered in the future. That future is now.

Best Education Landing Page Practices That Drive Conversion

So, it’s that time of the year for enrolment again.

After many departmental meetings, you’ve confirmed your academic calendars, student discounts,…

Lead Generation

Is a Lead Generation Platform Relevant for your Business?

So, you've heard about lead generation.

Sales: It's your fault. Marketing: No, it's your fault. Inter-department blaming.

Sales-Marketing Misalignment Can Cost 1 TRILLION Loss? [Read the breakdown]

You’ve read the title right

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“Enough of these lies. Leads Gen Doesn’t Work!” (The Facts No One Told You)

You’re tired of hearing the same old stories. You’ve placed your hope in agencies, splurge your marketing budget into Digital Marketing, and…

A client expressing that they have paid Digital Marketing Consultants & the agency to do all the work, but marketers says there is more to it.

“I’ve paid my Digital Marketing Consultant, they’ll do all the work right?” [How To Avoid SEM Pitfalls]

When you engage with an agency to develop your digital marketing strategy or in this case, an SEM Campaign, you’ve essentially engaged in a working…

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Social Media KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Social media gives you the valuable opportunity to gain new insights into your customers. You are able to see what your customers like or what drives them…

coronavirus, digital marketing

3 Steps to Invest in Your Future Career through the Gloom of COVID-19

What a way to kickstart 2020 eh?

how to increase engagement on facebook

3 Ways to Build Customer Relationship on Social Media

Contributed by Aaron Francis, Deborah Raj and Diana Lee.

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