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how to increase engagement on facebook

3 Ways to Build Customer Relationship on Social Media

Contributed by Aaron Francis, Deborah Raj and Diana Lee.

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4 Things You Need To Know About Gen Z at Work

Gen Zs are sending in job applications. Are you ready for them?

Certification Day - Sofa

Hard To Train Digital Marketing Talent? Why Not Corporate Learning With A Twist?

Do you know that more than 2 in 5 employees in Singapore have left a company because they felt that it did not provide enough learning and development…


What is Lead Generation? And how to get more leads?

Ever had your sales complain to you that your leads were terrible? That your Online Marketing tactics weren't producing 'Quality leads'? Also, you have…


What to say when you get asked what you do at clickTRUE

Hear it directly from the CEO. I talk about What is clickTRUE and Why we do What we do.

The Costly Conflict in What is a Lead

The Marketing & Sales Leads Conflict on "What is a Lead?"

The biggest source of conflict between marketing and sales typically arises from the question “What is a lead?” And that's no small debate.


Lighting up the lives of seniors at Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our day-to-day tasks that we completely tune out the people who need our help. In our daily quest to meet deadlines and…

Talk About The Hole, Not the Drill

Write Better Marketing Copy: Talk About The Hole, Not the Drill

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” – Theodore Levitt


6 Steps To A Successful Inbound Marketing & Sales after Buyer Persona Building

Let’s say you’ve completed your buyer personas and you’re all revving to get your inbound marketing campaign started. Does this mean the buyer persona…


Inbound Marketing Hack: Harnessing Negative Feedback to Build Negative Buyer Personas

When you speak to your customers and ask them for feedback on your product, service, website or brand, do they always give you positive feedback? Not…

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