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7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Higher Education

7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Higher Education

Colleges collectively spent $2 billion on advertising in 2018 and $2.2 billion in 2019. In fact, institutions spend between $429 and $623 per enrolled…

7 Higher Education Marketing Trends In 2022 & Beyond

The higher education industry has faced several changes in 2021, from pivoting away from traditional in-person events to virtual events and embracing…

5 Ways to Engage Your Student Community

Humans are social creatures but with everything moving online, how do we maintain normalcy?

The pandemic has upended familiar social connections between…

7 Higher Education Marketing Strategies to Boost Student Recruitment

Thanks to COVID-19, the number of physical touchpoints between higher education institutions and their prospective students has decreased drastically.

Strategies Build University Social Media Brand

5 Strategies to Build a Great University Brand on Social Media

No one would have thought that one day, professors would be dancing for a viral video challenge, students would be sharing their lives willingly with…

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Social Media KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Social media gives you the valuable opportunity to gain new insights into your customers. You are able to see what your customers like or what drives them…

how to increase engagement on facebook

3 Ways to Build Customer Relationship on Social Media

Contributed by Aaron Francis, Deborah Raj and Diana Lee.