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5 Key Marketing Metrics To Track For Higher Education

5 Key Marketing Metrics To Track For Higher Education

As universities, private institutions and international schools jump on the marketing bandwagon and compete in the digital space to attract prospective…

7 Higher Education Email Marketing Strategies For Student Recruitment

7 Higher Education Email Marketing Strategies For Student Recruitment

Singapore's average email marketing open rate is 12.97% while the click-to-open rate is 14.68%. But do you know that the open rate for the education…

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HubSpot Higher Education Case Study: How TUM Asia Grew Its Website Traffic By 60% In Just 1 Year

Before implementing HubSpot, TUM Asia relied heavily on a host of tools for its marketing campaigns.This posed several challenges, such as the lack of…

virtual event

5 Steps to Plan Your Virtual Event

What a time to be alive, yes? At this point of the pandemic, you're most likely at the acceptance stage to realize that COVID-19, as we know it, is…

blind spots, landing page blind spots, what am i missing.

3 Common Landing Page Blind Spots (That Hinder Success)


We hear your pain, how many more road blocks until you see a consistent flow of revenue?

Best Education Landing Page Practices That Drive Conversion

So, it’s that time of the year for enrolment again.

After many departmental meetings, you’ve confirmed your academic calendars, student discounts,…

Lead Generation

Is a Lead Generation Platform Relevant for your Business?

So, you've heard about lead generation.

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“Enough of these lies. Leads Gen Doesn’t Work!” (The Facts No One Told You)

You’re tired of hearing the same old stories. You’ve placed your hope in agencies, splurge your marketing budget into Digital Marketing, and…

social media, engagement, reach, lead generation, digital marketing, online marketing

Social Media KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Social media gives you the valuable opportunity to gain new insights into your customers. You are able to see what your customers like or what drives…


What is Lead Generation? And how to get more leads?

Ever had your sales complain to you that your leads were terrible? That your Online Marketing tactics weren't producing 'Quality leads'? Also, you…

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