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Case Study: B2B Client Sees a 76% Boost in Leads through Inbound Marketing

In the B2B industry, the sales cycle are long. Along with a high-end selling price, B2B sales tend to be more complex -  because there will be multiple stakeholders in the decision making process. It’s not just one buyer, think buying center.

With that being said, trust needs to be built in order for a lead to move from being a prospect to a customer. We at clickTRUE, believe that nurturing potential leads throughout their buying journey is the best way to increase conversions. And that is precisely what we did for our B2B Client.

  • The client delivers technology solutions for businesses which provide digital printing services.

  • After 5 years of running successful decision-stage campaigns with clickTRUE, the client decided to explore different strategies for more leads. 

  • clickTRUE executed an awareness-stage campaign with Inbound Marketing strategies to reach unique buyer personas.


B2B Case Study

Click here to watch clickTRUE’s explanation of the campaign.

The Story of Our Client

From pioneering in producing compact lightweight digital printers, our client has continued to produce innovative products and services based on its efficient, compact and precision technologies. As a global B2B business technology leader, they focused on driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics. 

Client’s Challenge

After 5 years of running successful decision-stage campaigns with clickTRUE, the sales qualified leads were tanking out. Their mechanics mainly were ads landing on the product-focused landing page with an "Enquire Now" call-to-action. However, these ads and landing pages alone are not enough to help with conversions. 

This is due to:

  • The cost of acquiring a printer is high in Malaysia, from approximately RM60,000 to RM 70,000. 

  • In order to reach a larger audience at the awareness level, we need to provide answers to their questions and concerns, which would require more than a lnading page.

  • Consumers tend to be more intuitive about the chances of their business turning out to be a success. 

  • With the industry's needs changing, competitors are conducting webinars to educate customers.


Our client needed a proactive game-changer to unleash the untapped potential amongst their potential customer. With that, clickTRUE proposed an awareness campaign to reach buyer personas at the awareness stage. Meeting the audience at the awareness stage, would enable us to remove obstacles - one by one - by instilling confidence for them to make a purchase. 

clickTRUE’s Inbound Marketing Strategy


Buyer Persona

This image shows our course of strategy. 

1. Conduct buyer persona interviews with client’s dealers 

2. Create a content offer that meet buyer persona’s needs

3. Create a microsite to generate leads

  • hunt for target customers through paid media (Google, Facebook, and Linkedin).  

  • engage the targets with FREE e-book on the microsite

  • capture leads when they submit their forms

4. Nurture leads through email drips

Through information gained from the buyer persona interviews, we identified the challenge the target audience had to overcome before deciding to purchase a printer was knowing how to start a business. Thus, we made an e-book to guide the prospect through the entire journey of setting up their business. Along with the e-book, to fulfill our strategy of Hunt, Engage and Capture (see No.2 above), we created a lead generation microsite landing page. 

With every lead information collected and recorded on a live dashboard, we were able to follow up on the leads to note if the prospect is a marketing qualified lead or sales qualified lead. The status of the leads was nurtured via email drips accordingly.

Lead Generation

Live leads dashboard

The Results

After 3 months of execution, we received results that exceeded our expectations. We've seen an improvement in the number of leads with a 76% boost for our product-focused landing page since the launch of the landing page in October 2021. Additionally, the e-book received 1600 downloads. We garnered valuable insights to reach audiences at the awareness level. 


Through continuous lead nurturing and value-added to the customer (by providing resources) at the different stages of their buyer's journey, the client will be building trust with them - which will keep the brand on top of mind when they're ready to make a purchase. 

We at clickTRUE made it our objective to be as helpful as possible for our clients to achieve their goals. We can help you meet your objectives too! Give us 30 minutes of your time and let us inbound your prospects today!


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