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“Enough of these lies. Leads Gen Doesn’t Work!” (The Facts No One Told You)

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You’re tired of hearing the same old stories. You’ve placed your hope in agencies, splurge your marketing budget into Digital Marketing, and unfortunately, your experience is either:

  1. SO few leads?!

  2. SO many leads! But so few made purchasing decisions?!

If so, hear us out. We’ve been in your meeting rooms, and we know your pain. We’re not here to point fingers, we’re here to propose that maybe the problem isn’t the leads.

What if you have the WRONG understanding of how leads generation and leads nurturing works?

(pretty bold of us to say this? True. But we’ve been around long enough to know that this is a real issue)

Before you click exit, allow us to answer a few questions that we always receive. We hope this will help you to see the growth barrier in your business.


Q: Why do you believe so greatly in lead generation?

Here’s a situation: You have massive traffic and millions of impressions, you get excited at those numbers but you eventually have to come to the conclusion that your business is still not improving. So what do you do? You start believing that digital marketing is useless.

Through our experience, we’re glad to tell you that you’re both RIGHT and WRONG.

You’re right - traffic and the glory of its numbers alone can’t improve your business. But you’re wrong about Digital Marketing if you haven’t tried lead generation.

Lead generation gives you a chance to convert those clicks into a potential business deal. If you don’t know what leads generation is, learn ALL about it here.

Here’s a difference you need to take note:

Clicks/Impression = They visit, but you know nothing about the prospects

Leads = You receive an interested prospect’s contact information with their consent


You'll also get a real-time marketing dashboard that reports how your advertising campaign performs on Google or Facebook. So you'll know the amount spent, the number of leads, and which keyword or targeting contributed to your leads. Businesses that use lead generation are more likely to make more sales by nurturing leads to full-fledged customers. As a result, this can also increase the profit margins of the business.

Check out our testimonials, it'll give you a new perspective.


Q: But I already have a website, why develop a landing page?

Good question! Let us ask you - are you personally willing to read through the details of an entire website search for the product you were looking for?

Chances are, you would have spent 15 seconds on that website, before getting distracted by your app notification. And boom - the website is out of sight, out of mind.

Why is that? Because your website is not constructed to convert visitors to leads, it serves a different purpose. It’s purpose is to carry every product info, insights, news and updates that represents your organization.

That’s why the landing page is crucial, as it speaks the right information for specific needs, presented through carefully crafted words, CTAs and a user friendly design.


Q: How can you guarantee me quality leads?

We can assure you quality leads because we have taken into account the thought process of the prospect, as they encounter your ad.

Scenario A: Alan finds your Facebook Lead Ad. He taps in. The form fill on Facebook automatically fills up his contact details and info, he’s not sure if he’s interested, but he signs up because Facebook has made it so easy to submit; he has nothing to lose.

Scenario B: Rahman encounters your landing page. The headline resonates with him, he scrolls to find the information that he needs, he reads the testimonials, and it lures him in. Finally, he sees your form fill and makes his own effort to fill up the form with his details.


Now, if you call Alan and Rahman, who’s more likely to be more interested about your product/ expecting a call from you?

Rahman? That’s right.

In other words, landing pages serve to eliminate those who are not interested to save your time too. Those who sign up, are those who have given your service a proper consideration thus making them a more qualified lead.

We frequently work with companies that have consistent issues around declining lead quality, time spent managing lead campaigns and the inability to track and monitor the ROI from lead generation activity. We want to make sure you get the quality leads you deserve. To improve the quality of your leads, we adhere to these approaches to develop an effective landing page:

1. Get Marketing and Sales to Agree On The Definition Of A “Qualified Lead”

Why? Because both teams usually have different opinions. That’s the problem right there. If both claim to be right, there’s a loophole that needs to be identified.

We’ll encourage you to have meetings with your marketing and sales team. The goal is to get both teams to agree on the characteristics of a Sales-Qualified Lead to develop a functional buyers’ persona. We’d be glad to speak to your sales team to understand how they close their deals and bring prospects closer. Through this, everyone gets to exchange inputs and help solve issues in the process of talking to leads, or missing links that both parties may have missed.

Unfortunately, only 45% of businesses have established a company-wide definition of a sales-ready lead, according to a study by MarketingSherpa.

2. Buyer’s Persona

This is not just “an SOP” to get things started. This is crucial because we don’t have time or room to make foundational mistakes.

After you have your discussion with your team, we’ll get you to fill up your ideal customer’s buyer’s persona. Having detailed buyer personas in place can help you better guide lead selection and qualification. The persona is a generalized representation of your typical customer or the average consumer. The more data you have on this “person,” the easier it is to start creating targeted marketing materials for them.

By creating a persona with real issues, goals, and motivators, we can better understand how your product may help them achieve their goals, relieve their pain points and frame your product in a helpful light that will be a benefit to them, rather than just shoving your product in their face.


Q: We had personas, but the leads we received previously were not our ideal buyers. Why is that?

How did you build your buyer’s persona? Here’s the best practice that is proven effective. If you’re still confused, give us a call for clarification.


Q: So can we close deals after receiving leads from you?

Real talk. You can’t directly close deals after receiving leads. We’re dealing with real people. If you do close immediately, it’s a bonus (sales-ready average rate of 40%). But in many cases, that’s not how a buyer’s journey works. Learn more about MQL and SQL here.

The leads you receive are opportunities for you to engage and nurture until they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

We believe that a warm lead is a step closer to getting a deal. Thus, lead generation is one of our main services. Our definition of a warm lead is a prospect that has asked for a quote or requested to talk to sales. As such, warm leads are forwarded to your sales team with all the gathered data about them. The delivery can be in excel file, or directly to your CRM.


Q: If we’re not supposed to call them to close deals, what do we say?

It’s very simple. When you meet a prospect in-real-life, do you ask them to buy immediately?

We’re sure you’ve been trained much better! You’d get to know them, hear their needs, and provide them with helpful insight and advice to gain their trust - that’s when you know you’re getting a step closer to a closed deal.

It’s the same here. Follow up with them with your well-prepared content marketing materials, add value to them with insightful information. Inform them on your promotions. Learn WHY they’re not interested (very important). As you build trust with them, they’ll eventually become sales ready.

Many Salesmen will stop at the first call, and say that the lead is useless. Don’t be that person.

mql, sql, website, visitors, nurture, marketing, sales, digital marketing, advertising

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mql, sql, marketing, sales, lead, digital marketing, advertising, customer, forms, website, subscription
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All in all, we’re here to say that - our partnership is not what you would expect. Maybe you’ve had a bad first impression of lead generation. But if your business is not growing, you can no longer afford to stay uneducated about Digital Marketing, ignore the misalignment between sales and marketing and the fact that the current purchasing process has changed.

How do you feel now? Conflicted, enlightened, or you have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.

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