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3 Steps to Invest in Your Future Career through the Gloom of COVID-19


What a way to kickstart 2020 eh?

The coronavirus induced a stock market sell-off, 

and the global economy is tipped into a deep, multi-year recession. And here we are, holding on to our hand sanitizers and jobs as we hope for the best for those who contracted the virus, doctors who are braving the front line (thank you! ), and those who are currently facing unemployment or retrenchment too.

With our movement restricted and anxiety heightening, our attention is splitting into multiple directions as the updates keep popping up by the minutes.

But beneath all these, there is another global trend that is sneaking up our back. And if we remain laidback, it will unapologetically affect our lives too.

There’s something else that needs your attention

Here’s a fact: we live in a time when marketing technology is becoming automated, and consumer interests are difficult to predict. As Digital Marketing consultants, we can no longer stay ignorant and hope that our educated guesses (and existing practices) will continue to work year after year.

You probably already know this - the 4 Megatrends that are transforming our workplace as we speak are Technology, Globalisation, Changing Demographics and Climate Change. In addition to that, the latest analysis done by IOE (International Organization of Employers) mentioned that a total of 15 countries have collectively agreed that there will also be a shortage of skilled labour. 

New technology and the efficiency of systems plays a huge role in the survival of a business. A research shared that the average lifespan of leading US companies has decreased from 67 years to 15 years in the last century. Forbes recorded over a dozen of companies that fueled for bankruptcy including Diesel, Beauty Brands Mattress Firms and more. 

It is shocking to realize that 88% of Fortune 500 firms (that existed in 1955) are no longer in operation. According to IOE, Kodak, Blockbuster, Toys “R” Us, are also among other organizations that failed to innovate.

83% of HR professionals found difficulty recruiting job candidates in the last 12 months too. 

“Businesses, governments, communities, you and I are urged to
anticipate these transformations with utmost urgency,
almost a matter of survival.”

Think about it - buying behaviours are changing. There was a time where artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were foreign concepts that would cause people to roll their eyes. But today, these innovative digital and inbound marketing trends are rising to be the top priorities for business owners to cater to the way people are engaging with their product and services.

But that’s not your job scope, right?

Yes, you’re right. But IF your current skill has the potential to be automated, reducing the frequency of human error, then how are you going to compete with that?

In times of an outbreak of a pandemic disease like COVID-19, are your current skills still an asset to your company? Have you thought of the forthcoming after effects of this season, and how you fit into it?

If we want to stay relevant in today’s online landscape. We NEED to stay consistent on a journey to adapt to the season, and to update our methods in providing value. Most leaders agree in principle that the digital age will bring GREAT benefits, but they fear that people - you and I - are not ready for it.

And with the Coronavirus placing our lives on a temporal pause, and possibly giving us more free time by:

  1. Reducing time used to travel #stayathome

  2. Cancelling social events

  3. Shortening WFH conference meetings

Why don’t we make full use of our extra energy, to prepare ourselves for what our future stakeholders expect from us?

With that, here are 3 steps to invest in your future career.


First, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does the impact of technology excite you, or worry you?

  2. Are you ready to learn new skills?

  3. Do you even want to learn new skills?

Because in reality, half of us won’t feel the urgency to this. (I hope you belong in the other half!) And if we can’t bring ourselves to embrace this truth, nothing anyone says can convince you. Conduct your own research in your area of expertise and see what industry leaders are starting to adopt. From there, you can decide for yourself if these changes are going to affect you.


Develop Resilience

Changes are difficult. No one likes it, and it often seems unfair because it’s not something you’ve signed up for. But comfort and growth can’t exist together. The key for anyone, from any generation, to survive the Digital Darwinism is to be resilient. 


Look past your comfort zone, the future of work can be exciting! The nature of employment, the structure of employment contract and scope of work is in the midst of reinvention for the better across the globe. And we just have to prepare when the wave hits us.

Amid significant changes to how we’ll have to work and live, the ability to persevere is critical. Your technical skill will reach the end of its cycle, but how you think will always be the KEY factor that will carry you beyond yourself. 

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Take advantage of the learning resources

There are endless ways to upskill yourself. With the wealth of free reading materials, webinars and new tools, there are no excuses for anyone to say that they have no avenue to learn.

Here at clickTRUE, we practice what we preach too. With our monthly Certification Day (a day set aside to receive online training), we’re striving to cultivate a growth mindset among ourselves to always be learning. From Frictionless Sales, Contextual Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Growth-Driven Design and many many more, our colleagues are given the freedom to choose what they want to learn on HubSpot. It will not be immediately applicable, because as we’ve discussed - we’re preparing for the future.

We are in the business of meeting people where they are, to take them where they want to go. We’re in the business of understanding their struggle in real-time, and finding out how we can reduce the friction for their needs to be met.  We are in the business of providing value. 

And capitalizing on every opportunity
we have to upskill ourselves, is the value
that we’re giving to our future selves.

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to take action. You can choose to use your extra time now to start learning, or to watch the news with popcorn and fear.

As a company, we’re excited to embrace the next wave of digital upgrade. In fact, innovations are often associated with start-ups. As a result, it is unsurprising that many start-ups are leveraging technology and attracting capital in their efforts to disrupt through innovation. Some start-ups can quickly grow to become well-known standouts and rise to compete with multinational too. 

Are you - are we - up for the challenge?

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