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Deborah Chris Raj

Deborah Chris Raj
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Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max – Find Out What It Is And When To Use It

If our Account Manager sends you this article, you’ve probably been introduced to Google Performance Max. If this is your first time hearing about it,…

clickTRUE Malaysia Wins SILVER for Performance Marketing Agency of the Year 2022

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 - clickTRUE Malaysia was announced the Silver winner in the Performance Marketing Agency of the Year category at the thirteen annual…

4 Proven Strategies to Closing More B2B Sales

virtual event

5 Steps to Plan Your Virtual Event

What a time to be alive, yes? At this point of the pandemic, you're most likely at the acceptance stage to realize that COVID-19, as we know it, is here…

Best Education Landing Page Practices That Drive Conversion

So, it’s that time of the year for enrolment again.

After many departmental meetings, you’ve confirmed your academic calendars, student discounts,…

Lead Generation

Is a Lead Generation Platform Relevant for your Business?

So, you've heard about lead generation.

coronavirus, digital marketing

3 Steps to Invest in Your Future Career through the Gloom of COVID-19

What a way to kickstart 2020 eh?

how to increase engagement on facebook

3 Ways to Build Customer Relationship on Social Media

Contributed by Aaron Francis, Deborah Raj and Diana Lee.

Blog-post-image_-1200x628 (2)

4 Things You Need To Know About Gen Z at Work

Gen Zs are sending in job applications. Are you ready for them?