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The Right Decision


Hihi! I’m Jing Xuan, a 16-year-old boy who just spent 4 weeks of his year-end holidays interning here at clickTRUE. And boy did I make the right decision.

Sitting here at home on the last day of work, I can’t help but appreciate the clickTRUE office. How I wish my last day could be spent looking out the window at the beautiful greenery that greeted me everyday, listening to the soft music played on the speaker, and having all sorts of fun with everybody.

But sadly (just this time), Fridays are work from home, and I’m here making my last contribution to the company, writing this blog article to convince you to make the right decision as well.


So why was this the right decision for me? 

Although I had never had any strong interest in digital marketing, and this whole internship opportunity was just a pleasant coincidence, this experience gave me so much more than I could have asked for. Apart from learning the ins and outs of marketing, clickTRUE has taught me everything from soft skills to life advice.

Let me start by talking about the hard marketing skills I have picked up. Even though I was just a beginner when I joined clickTRUE, Uncle Jereme, one of the founders of the company and our main mentor, was patient with us, and tasked us with completing several HubSpot courses in order to deepen our knowledge. In fact, each new hire is also required to complete these courses and the Inbound Marketing Consultants (IMCs) there are always given the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and retake these courses.

However, we, as interns, aren’t only tasked with studying. Just after finishing our second HubSpot course, Uncle Jereme assigned me and my two co-interns, Sheng Feng and Sarah (go check out their blogs too!), our first assignment. Crafting an internship landing page for the company that would be put up on their website. Yes, if you came here from our beautifully designed landing page, you would be surprised to hear that it was made by yours truly🙂. We didn’t just design the page, we handled the copywriting, the SEO optimisation, the keyword research and we even did the photography ourselves (again by yours truly). It taught me so many different skills and techniques that all lead back to inbound marketing and clickTRUE’s mission and values (btw that page was also done by us). 

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Other than these marketing skills, I feel like our true takeaway was the soft skills we picked up along the way. From the first day, Uncle Jereme already highlighted that he wanted us to pick-up valuable soft skills that would be transferable to our everyday lives. Of the many soft skills I have picked up, the one that has resonated with me the most is that of GOALS. Whenever we do anything, even when we ask questions, or when we speak, we must think of the objectives and what we want to achieve with our actions. And with clickTRUE, we aren’t just told to do this, with each assignment given comes a page-long list of acceptance criteria, objectives and goals. Uncle Richard even commented that Uncle Jereme demanded more from us than the full-time IMCs working at clickTRUE as well. Not only will clickTRUE give you valuable experience, it will push you to improve yourself and leave you with a lasting impression of the lessons learnt here.

Lastly, and this is the most important reason you should join clickTRUE, the whole experience is just a vibe. The office space is honestly gorgeous, and the people are extremely wholesome. As interns, we aren’t treated like newbies or outsiders, we are given direct mentorship from the founders of the company, and are always included in all the events that are held at clickTRUE. In fact, in about two weeks time, after my time at the company has already ended, I’ll still be joining the team for a Christmas gathering! Every single employee at the company treats us so nicely, and the whole office just feels like a second family.

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I truly could not ask for more from my first internship experience. Even if you aren’t in the same situation as me, maybe you’re in JC, or in uni, the way clickTRUE functions would give you a heck of a time interning here. Not only is the learning experience one of a kind, you’ll also be able to enjoy it and at the end of the day, feel accomplished, knowing that you have achieved something impressive. So I urge you, no matter who you are, to just throw caution to the wind and apply to intern here. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up here like me, thankful for all the people I have met here, and grateful for everything new I have learnt.

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